Summer Fishing Spots

Best summer fishing spots: 

Aransas Bay: Aransas Bay is protected by a barrier island which means less wind and currents. This makes it a great place for sight casting redfish. The shallow mud bottom and grass flats attract redfish and speckled trout. This is a great place for wade fishing, kayaking, and boat fishing. Check out our Aransas Bay front homes

Copano Bay: This is a fantastic year round fishing spot but July through October is the best fishing season for redfish, flounder, weakfish, cobia, and sharks. Many of our properties have fishing piers on the bay with strategically placed fishing lights. Check out our Copano Bay front homes

St. Charles Bay: The north shoreline is the perfect spot for kayak fishing redfish and speckled trout. The Aransas Wildlife Refuge is great for wade fishing with soft sandy bottoms. Check out our St. Charles Bay front homes.