Miss Kitty's Fishtini Recipe

Whether you are on vacation or at home needing a break, Miss Kitty’s secret martini recipe will be sure to give you a taste of the coast. Miss Kitty drinks one of these everyday which has allowed her to perfect the recipe. This drink is light and berry filled and perfect for an afternoon by the water or in combination with one of your favorite Miss Kitty’s dinner recipes.   

Miss Kitty’s Fishtini:


*2 raspberries

* 2 blackberries

* 4 blueberries

* 1 strawberry 

* ¼ lime

* 1.5 oz premium vodka (or gin) 

* Fever Tree Tonic (we recommend using this brand) 


  1. Muddle the fruit with the lime 

  2. Add the premium Vodka

  3. Pour into shaker glass with ice 

  4. Shake until frosty and strain

  5. Top off with chilled fever tree tonic to taste 


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