June Fishing Tip

Crabbing is one of our favorite activities in June-October is when the water reaches the best temperatures for catching crab in South Texas. Summer crab boils are a must while on vacation in Rockport, so here are Miss Kitty's tips for making sure the whole family gets fed.

  1. Buy a padded crab cage. You can find them at Tackle Town, Walmart, or HEB
  2. Bait with chicken necks. You can get them from Walmart or HEB. You can also use your leftover chicken or steak bones.
  3. Toss the cages out into the canal or bay at your rental, making sure they are out of the way of boats, then tie up to the side of the pier or dock. 
  4. You can leave them out overnight or for 24 hours. The longer they're out the more crabs you will potentially get.
  5. Once you have your crabs it is important that you pre-clean them before boiling.
    1. Place the crabs in ice water until they stop moving
    2. Carefully remove the front pincher claws and the big top shell
    3. Clean them off real good removing any guts before boiling
  6. Boil your crabs. Pick up a crab boil like Zatarain's or Louisiana brand and follow the directions on the package. 
  7. We like to toss in potatoes, corn, garlic, onions, and shrimp. 
  8. Cooking tip: add two teaspoons of white vinegar to the boil to help the crab and shrimp meat remove easier from the shell. 
  9. Serve with melted garlic butter and cocktail sauce.