Why You’ll Love the Rockport Center for the Arts

Rockport is much more than just a beach town. It is a community of artists and art lovers who come together to create the town’s lively and colorful culture. One of the best places to experience the artful nature of coastal Texas is the Rockport Center for the Arts. This state-of-the-art gallery is home to 3 rotating exhibitions, two visual arts classrooms, and a 10,000 square foot sculpture garden. Whether you have a deep appreciation for the arts or are just looking for something to do in Rockport, your time will be well spent at this fascinating gallery.

The Rockport Center for the Arts is just the beginning of all the fun things to do in Rockport and Port Aransas! Before your visit, be sure to take a look at our Rockport Area Guide for a full list of the best local attractions and activities.

What You’ll Find at the Rockport Center for the Arts

Since 1983, the Rockport Center for the Arts has fostered a community of creative thinkers and acted as a haven for local artists. Today, the renovated center continues to serve the community as a martyr for the arts and has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Coastal Art Colonies” by Coastal Living Magazine. During your visit to the Rockport Center for the Arts, here is what you can expect to discover!


Mary Fischer (February 4th – March 4th): Since taking her first clay class on her 40th birthday, Mary Fischer has created several pieces of “bleakly whimsical” art. Much of her work can be found at the Annual Texas Clay Festival and in studios all over the nation.

Sally Mitchell (February 4th – March 4th): Sally is a local artist and has contributed to multiple galleries in the region. Her photography centers around the “dances” of the egrets and herons, but she also captures many other images with her eclectic style.

Classes and Workshops

The Rockport Center for the Arts offers numerous classes and workshops for nearly any age and skill level. Whether you are interested in learning how to draw, create jewelry, craft pottery, or even blacksmith, there’s a class for you! Workshops and classes change seasonally, so be sure to check the Course Catalog each time you visit.

Upcoming Events

Rockport, Texas Art Festival: Since its debut in the 1960’s, The Rockport Art Festival has grown to become one of the most highly anticipated annual events in town! The celebration of art is usually held during mid-summer and features over 120 artists, live music, great food, kids’ activities, and more! Dates for the 2017 festival have not yet been determined.

Rockport Film Festival: Each fall, Rockport dedicates an entire weekend to the art of independent cinema. You’ll have the opportunity to view exclusive films from all over the world. The goal of the festival is to enrich an audience already supportive of the arts and to encourage cultural tourism.

More Local Galleries Dedicated to the Art Community

Rockport Center for the Arts isn’t the only gallery in the Rockport region that is dedicated to passionate artists. The Port Aransas Art Center also offers visitors ongoing workshops and the chance to view locally created masterpieces.

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