Why These 10 Stores in Rockport TX are the Best

The stores in Rockport, TX, are largely beach shops, but this doesn’t mean they are limited to typical oceanfront merchandise. A lot of these boutiques offer unique decorations, locally made jewelry, and hand-carved furniture. Others offer a selection of Rockport TX fishing and outdoor sporting gear to use during your stay at one of Miss Kitty’s Fishing Getaways. However, all bring some Rockport, TX, charm and might just house the perfect souvenir or gift to remember your vacation.

10 of the Best Stores in Rockport, TX

  1.  Shop the World   

Shop the World is one of the more eclectic stores in Rockport, TX, with departments such as Balau Wood Outdoor Furnishings, Fairy Garden World, and Women’s Clothing. The owners travel to find small, often family-owned factories with unique designs, giving each item a special touch. Shop the World also donates to many local charities, which in itself is a great reason to support them. To add a unique piece to one of your Rockport, TX, rentals or come away with a great find to bring back home, Shop the World has you covered.

  1.  TG’s Beachware and Gifts

Located on an oceanfront stretch near one of the delicious beachfront Rockport, TX, restaurants, Moondog Seaside Eatery, is TG’s Beachware and Gifts. The surf shop is a great stop en route to the sand for your beach day essentials like surf gear, beach towels and chairs, and of course sunscreen to protect yourself from the rays. It’s also a great destination for your vacation souvenirs, themed T-shirts included.

  1.  Sassy

The sassiest of the boutique stores in Rockport, TX, includes the latest fashion accessories that arrive weekly. Some of the lines that Sassy carries are Gingersnap Jewelry, Angie Clothing, Wine-a-ria, Nuluv goat milk, and Fredericksburg Farm Gourmet and Candles. This is also a great shop to pick up your beach-themed Tervis Tumblers during your vacation stay.

  1.  Comforts of Home

One of the most colorful shopfronts of the stores in Rockport, TX, is boutique Comforts of Home with their slogan “Let your house have some fun!” Along with unique furniture, like handmade painted Indonesian side tables and benches, are bohemian beaded jewelry and handwoven Indian accent rugs. It’s like a slice of World Market but with more unique, handcrafted options.  

  1.  Bay Window

For coastal breezes along with delightful outdoor courtyard sales, Bay Window is the premier beach store to explore. The shopfront is located not far from Rockport Beach Park and offers more high-end pieces, like wicker furniture and sea-themed sculptures. They also have plenty of trinkets to keep your eyeballs enticed.

  1.  Paradise House

A large selection of stores in Rockport, TX, are beach shops, and Paradise House is no exception. Right on the water, Paradise House offers a truly tropical shopping experience. Some available merchandise includes pottery, wood carvings, clothing, jewelry, and niche furniture. Coastal decor ranges from pelican statues to hand-carved dolphin sculptures.

  1.  Tackle Town

For all your outdoor sporting needs during your stay at one of Miss Kitty’s Fishing Getaways, there is Tackle Town. The shop includes your typical rods, reels, and lures, but the key ingredient is the expertise of the staff. Along with your typical gear, there are also wading, fly fishing, kayaking, and storing supplies from a range of notable brands. Hunting gear is also available, from camouflage clothing to guns and ammo. With Tackle Town’s help, you might just bring home a prize in Miss Kitty’s Fishing Tournament!

  1.  Terry’s Seaworthy Marine Supply

One of the leading marine lifestyle enthusiast supply stores in Rockport, TX, (in fact, in all of South TX) is Terry’s Seaworthy Marine Supply. Not only does the company sell products for your boat but they install anything from radios and GPS units to trolling motors. There is also plenty of fishing gear available. The store also has kayaks and Guy Harvey merchandise, as well as Yeti coolers for fish storage.

  1.  New Beginnings

One of Miss Kitty’s favorite downtown shops is New Beginnings, which carries an assortment of gifts, collectibles, and home decor. This store is owned by a mother and daughter duo and includes items that fall in such categories as room accents, jewelry, and bath products. Their fragrant candles are made in the USA!

  1.  Victoria’s Fine Jewelry

This shop has been designated as the premier fine jewelry store on the Texas Gulf Coast, and its wide selection of diamonds is a main reason. These diamonds are hand-selected over 10,000 miles away in Antwerp, Belgium and cover all the bases: rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Many other gemstone options are available as well.

After A Long Day of Shopping

Remember your stay at one of Miss Kitty’s Fishing Getaways by picking up a souvenir at one of these stores that we personally recommend! And after a long day of shopping, be sure to settle back down into one of our relaxing rentals and enjoy a beautiful ocean view. For more information on where to shop and what to do in Rockport, TX, read our area guide.

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