Hungry? Here are 11 of the Best Rockport Texas Restaurants

Rockport, Texas, is best known for its delectable seafood cuisine. During your stay at

one of Miss Kitty’s Fishing Getaways, you simply must allow your tastebuds to

experience at least one local catch (aside from your own!) If seafood isn’t your forte,

no worries! There are less fishy options as well. Here are 11 of the best Rockport

Texas restaurants that we recommend.

11 Rockport Texas Restaurants

1. Paradise Key Dockside Bar and Grill

With their “Marina Munchies,” “Burgers in Paradise,” “Dockside Entrees,” and

“Island Time Desserts,” the Paradise Key Dockside Bar and Grill has a clear

theme to match its waterfront location. Specialty frozen drinks like the Lava Flow

or Fuzzy Mango make delicious additions to classic courses. The seafood options

abound, from mahi mahi salad and clam chowder to the oyster deck basket or

steak oscar, a tenderloin topped with crab meat.

2. The Boiling Pot

For a hearty seafood platter, the Boiling Pot is the place to go. Start out with some

raw oysters and then take on a standard boiling pot, which includes shrimp, crab,

sausage, potatoes, and corn. For some extra shell-shucking, the super pot includes

four different types of crab. With a spicy punch, the gumbo is reasonably priced

and a dinner favorite.

3. Charlotte Plummer’s

Charlotte Plummer’s Seafare Restaurant has quite a selection of famous platters,

featuring stuffed, fried, or coconut shrimp, oysters, crab cakes, catfish, and

scallops. The PoBoys are a lunchtime favorite, while the non-seafood lovers can

indulge in a classic burger. Kid’s plates include poppin’ popcorn shrimp as a

seafood option.

4. Crab-N

Founded in 1979 by the Brooks Family, Crab-N is known for its waterfront

location and homemade sauces alongside renowned seafood. Order the crab and

shrimp bisque appetizer before choosing from such courses as the pan-seared

shrimp, garlic lemon scampi, crawfish etouffee, and a pecan crusted flounder for

your entree. You can also catch your own fish during your stay at one of Miss

Kitty’s fishing getaways and bring it in to be cooked.

5. Latitude 28 02’

One of our favorite Rockport Texas restaurants features an upscale atmosphere

with coastal cuisine and fine art adjacent to the full bar. Latitude 28 02’ is the

place to come for appetizers and drinks, such as escargot and shrimp cocktails. If

you want to stay for the main course, shrimp gilroy sautéed in a Sherry wine sauce

or blackened fish with a chipotle crawfish cream sauce will satiate.

6. Shempy’s Grill

For the best “shempytizers” in town, check out Shempy’s Grill. With outstanding

prices and plenty of mouthwatering options, Shempy’s is a place for the whole

family. Bait buckets with a choice of oysters, catfish, crabs, or popcorn shrimp are

all under $9, while delicious sliders ranging from patty melts to chili cheese

burgers, are a satisfying option for the fish-wary.

7. The Groove

The Groove’s signature wood-fired pizzas, shellfish, and fresh fish entrees make it

one of the most mouthwatering places to eat in Rockport, Texas. The pizzas are

made with imported Italian flour and are cooked at 900 degrees, while seafood

selections involve wood fired lobster, pan seared scallops, and grilled shrimp


8. Taqueria Puerto Vallerta

To satisfy your Tex-Mex cravings, Taqueria Puerto Vallerta is one of the Rockport

Texas restaurants for you. This local haunt has particularly appetizing breakfast

plates, such as rancheros and pancakes. Four breakfast tacos are available for less

than $8!

9. Moondog Seaside Eatery

A great place for shrimp tacos, Moondog Seaside Eatery is known for yummy

lunch treats as well as some pretty delicious signature drinks. Look no further than

the key lime pie concoction!

10. Panjo’s Pizza

Not all Rockport Texas restaurants are seafood-oriented, and Panjo’s Pizza is a

great example. Sour dough sandwiches and wings make the menu, but so do a

variety of signature cheesy pies to get your tastebuds excited. You can even get

Chicago style deep-dish pizzas here.

11. Poor Man’s Country Club

For a classic bar and grill with prices you won’t regret, check out the Poor Man’s

Country Club when selecting between Rockport Texas restaurants. The starters are

the best part, including a basket of bottle caps (sliced beer battered jalapenos),

Santa Fe chicken egg rolls, fried pickle chips, soft pretzels, and calamari with


Dining Guide

For a more complete list of Rockport Texas restaurants, check out Miss Kitty’s dining



3 responses to “Hungry? Here are 11 of the Best Rockport Texas Restaurants

  1. You left out Cheryl’s by the bay. Can’t beat her food. It’s the best. The Groove is the best for Steaks though, even though Cheryl’s New York Strip is fantastic. Paradise Key is the best when you combine atmosphere and great food. We finally have some of the great restaurants in this town. It took a long time though.

  2. Dawn,

    Great job–gives renters or those who inquired good info and (most of all) reminds them to book another stay. We enjoy all of those restaurants. Even though we no longer are renting our home I enjoy seeing your posts.

    Kay–Crew’s Nest

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